Artist Bio.  The artist bio belongs to the bureaucratic dissemination of the arts, via institutions and galleries linked to the machinations of corporate capital underpinning culture, which must either directly justify itself as economically rationalisable or go through the university system, which is increasingly and ultimately subject to the same checks and balances. Ultimately the discussion of this is the art, as was it ever: portraits of the wealthy. This is what I make/do.
Selected Exhibitions/Performances:

* August 2018, solo exhibition “Acedia” at Our Neon Foe.
* May 2018, “New Contemporaries” at Sydney College of the Arts Galleries.
* March 2018, (Prize) “Redlands Konica Minolta Exhibition” at National Art School Galleries, invited by Elizabeth Pulie.
* February 2018, (Solo) “Hard Copy” at Ankles Sydney.
* November 2017, (Painting/Performance) “Course of Life: Inside Inside” at “Inside” curated by Stella Rosa MacDonald and Rafaela Pandolfini at Paddington Town Hall.
* October 2017, (Performance) “Quantification” at Volumes Art Book fair at ARTSPACE (Sydney). 
* May 2017, (Performance), “Institution” for the fundraiser for the CoUNTess website at ARTSPACE (Sydney). 
* April 2017, (Group exhibition) “Morphe” at Downunder Space, curated by Nanette Orly. 
* March 2017, (Solo) “Apocrypha” at Knulp 
* February 2017, Masters Graduation exhibition at Sydney College of the Arts. 
* November 2016, (Group exhibition) “New World Order” at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre,, curated by Ella Barclay 
* March 2016, (Solo) “Distressed Aquisitions” at 55 Sydenham Road 
* March 2016, (Online content) “A Domestic” for Runway #30 “Ecologies” 
* August 2015, (Group) “Control” at Merry Crisis. 
* December 2014, “Performance Month #4” at Artspace Sydney. 
* September/October 2014, (Curated) “Trust Exercise” at Breezeblock 
* July 2014, (Joint exhibition) “Human Resources” with Andrew Haining at 107 Projects. 
* August/September 2013, (Solo)  “Rooted or Zoe M. Robertson’s Australia,” Firstdraft. 
* July 2013, (Group) “Public Thinking,” 55 Sydenham Road, curated by Susan Gibb. 
* February 2013, (Group)  “Janis I,” Alaska Projects. 
* December 2012, (Group) “Video + Voice,” Rearview. 
* September 2012, (Group) “Gap Year” Artspace Sydney. 
* August 2012, (Joint) “THE” with Alex Clapham at Mop Projects. 
* July 2012, (Festival- performance/installation) “Monument to A Deserter” at the Serial Space Time Machine Festival. 
* May 2012, (Collaboration) “To Have Done with the Judgement of Artaud” with Talitha Klevjer at Alaska Projects.

* 2017: Masters in Fine Arts at University of Sydney, Sydney College of the Arts. 
* 2012: Bachelor of Visual Arts Honours First Class University of Sydney, Sydney College of the Arts. 
* 2007-2010: Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction, College of Fine Arts (COFA),

* 2013-2015, Australian Postgraduate Award. 
* 2013, Firstdraft Studio Residency. 
* 2012, Serial Space Residency (Anyplace Studios). 
* March-April 2009, Scholarship with the British Council for The Arts, Porosity Studio, “Cardiff Chimera”, Cardiff, Wales. 
* 2009, Deans Award for Academic Merit (COFA, UNSW). 
* 2009, Art & Australia Award for Best in Sculpture.